Why do some gems get ignored?

It always bothers me when an originator gets less praise and recognition it deserves over those that precedes it. Take a look at Metro 2033 for example:

Did anyone ever bothered to notice the hidden moral experiment that this game offered? I haven’t seen any reviews that ever mention the subtle intricacies that Metro 2033 offer in terms of morality and free will. Well, at least other than the review from Thurot. Beyond that? None. Not even from Extra Credits Annoyed.

… and then we have Spec Ops: The Line …

Look, as a game that tries to exploit the psychological issues of  gaming culture, its good. But compare it to Metro 2033? Brash, unsubtle, almost vulgar. I say that because the amount of praise and recognition I’ve heard for it is just ridiculously disproportionate.

So what did Extra Credits say?

*a whole bunch of praise for its capability exploit and judge you as a gamer psychologically*

And what about IGN?

it’s about you, the effects of your actions, and events that are out of your control

So here we see SO:TL from 2012 getting the appropriate praise for what it had done. Yet, looking back to 2010, it is just unfair to see Metro 2033 not recognised for what it is.

Let me ask you again …

Why are the ‘firsts’ forgotten? Especially when Metro 2033 had executed it with such professional subtlety that one would think Milgram or some other social scientist was making an experiment on the gamer culture. Is it because it didn’t involve enough ‘American’ characters? Is it because it’s a PC-only game? Is it because of the public’s attempt to put Metro in the perspective of “another on-rails FPS shooter”?


Let me make a short clarification to some of my statements above.

I say SO:TL is brash … because its only route to redemption is to stop playing the game completely. It’s just too damn deterministic. No doubt this game leaves a bitter taste on gamers who want to find a better alternative path. By ‘bitter’ I mean ‘I can’t believe I’ve spent BND$88 on this thing expecting the ability to choose my moral path, only to find out it really is on-rails’.

I say Metro 2033 is a better moral-testing game because it offers redemption within the gameplay it self.